Multilingual Law Firm Website

If your law firm is in a city that is culturally diverse your firm would likely benefit from a website that caters to those demographics. It is important that you have a website that is in English; most of your clients are probably English speakers and readers. However, what about that other percentage, the residents of your town that don’t read English? You might be missing a number of potential clients because they can’t learn about your law firm and don’t know if your firm can serve them.

One of the best ways to attract non-English clients is to display your information in their native language. A website should have the ability to be translated into a number of different languages allowing a law firm to communicate to a global audience. A multilingual law firm website will help to broaden the scope of your reach.

There are tools available that can translate a website’s content from one language into another; however, this is not the most effective way to create a multilingual law firm website. These translation tools change words but what comes out as the translation doesn’t always make sense to the native speaker, sometimes it’s just gibberish; words in their own language that don’t make sense put together the way they are.

Instead it is most beneficial to have the website content translated by a person, a native of your own country, who speaks and understands the language and custom rules of the targeted language. A person will be able to translate the content into understandable information that will make sense to potential clients. If you are a law firm in the US it is important that the translator be from the US so they will fully understand what they are translating and be able to deliver the message correctly. If your firm is in China you will want a translator from China, etc.

Once you have your multilingual law firm website you will want to market it just as you would your English site. You will want to submit it to search engines such as Google. Keep in mind that the search engines that English speakers use might not be the same search engines that everyone uses. Search for popular search engines used in countries that speak the targeted language and try to submit your site to those.

You will also want to search for directories, blogs, article submission sites, social media sites, and other websites that are popular within the demographic you are targeting. Some of these searches will best be done by a person who speaks the language.

A successful multilingual law firm website will potentially have you cornering the niche demographic market in your area. If you’ve got the niche, then you will see your business grow.